Kettlebell Training Tips Involving How to Obtain Clients

Kettlebell Training Tips – How to Obtain Clients


The first hurdle obviously is how to enroll clients. It all depends on how well you plan everything; right from selecting the venue to the pricing and to getting referrals.

To spread your name and reach out to maximum people, you can try advertising in local newspapers and news channels on the TV. You can also post ads on the internet and put up your own website.

Advertising regularly and having a good website is a sure shot way of reaching out to people in your immediate neighborhood who want to train with kettlebells.

You can also reach out to companies who are looking to train their employees in a group with something as exclusive as kettlebells.

Offer a few free sessions in the ads and on your site. While offering free sessions, always mention the amount of money your prospective clients will be saving once they avail of the offer. This is to say that you must always mention the worth of your sessions and not just the number of free sessions.

After all, being a certified trainer with makes you an expert whose charge is worth every session!

Getting Referrals

Connecting to people around you is another good way of getting clients. Talk to like-minded friends and neighbors who love fitness training about people they who are interested in kettlebell training. When friends and neighbours recommend you, prospective clients consider you as a reliable trainer who is knows his sessions well. See more at Functional Fitness Courses.

Another way of getting referrals is from people who sign up for your free class. If they are satisfied, you are likely to get more people inquiring about your classes.

Selecting the Venue

The right venue can literally make or break your kettlebell training career. Outside venues are great for summer sessions but then you will have to carry all those kettlebells or ask your clients to do so.

For kettlebell training, indoor venues are preferable where clients can come in and use the kettlebells kept there. You can hire the local recreation club, sport hall, town hall or even spaces in old churches looking to make some extra money.

However, be careful about the floor in such rented places. Kettlebells are heavy and can damage the floor so you should consider carrying workout mats. For more, check out online certification.


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