Kettlebell Training Tips Involving How to Obtain Clients

Kettlebell Training Tips – How to Obtain Clients


The first hurdle obviously is how to enroll clients. It all depends on how well you plan everything; right from selecting the venue to the pricing and to getting referrals.

To spread your name and reach out to maximum people, you can try advertising in local newspapers and news channels on the TV. You can also post ads on the internet and put up your own website.

Advertising regularly and having a good website is a sure shot way of reaching out to people in your immediate neighborhood who want to train with kettlebells.

You can also reach out to companies who are looking to train their employees in a group with something as exclusive as kettlebells.

Offer a few free sessions in the ads and on your site. While offering free sessions, always mention the amount of money your prospective clients will be saving once they avail of the offer. This is to say that you must always mention the worth of your sessions and not just the number of free sessions.

After all, being a certified trainer with makes you an expert whose charge is worth every session!

Getting Referrals

Connecting to people around you is another good way of getting clients. Talk to like-minded friends and neighbors who love fitness training about people they who are interested in kettlebell training. When friends and neighbours recommend you, prospective clients consider you as a reliable trainer who is knows his sessions well. See more at Functional Fitness Courses.

Another way of getting referrals is from people who sign up for your free class. If they are satisfied, you are likely to get more people inquiring about your classes.

Selecting the Venue

The right venue can literally make or break your kettlebell training career. Outside venues are great for summer sessions but then you will have to carry all those kettlebells or ask your clients to do so.

For kettlebell training, indoor venues are preferable where clients can come in and use the kettlebells kept there. You can hire the local recreation club, sport hall, town hall or even spaces in old churches looking to make some extra money.

However, be careful about the floor in such rented places. Kettlebells are heavy and can damage the floor so you should consider carrying workout mats. For more, check out online certification.


Tips to find the right boot camp

There has been an increasing demand for boot camps because of the various advantages like weight loss, fat burning, endurance building and increase in stamina. There are a number of boot camps conducted by professional fitness trainer. There are certain things that you must keep in mind before signing up for a boot camp.

Trainer credentials

Before you sign up for a boot camp in Coogee find out who your trainer will be and whether he/she has the required qualifications for it. Check whether they are registered with Fitness Australia. Enquire about the trainer’s past experience in conducting boot camps and other physical fitness trainings.

Background check

Ask for references and recommendations. Talk to people who are currently attending the boot camp you intend to sign up for. Talk to past students and get to know the quality of training and whether the training provided is effective.

Trial session

Many boot camps offer free trial sessions for participants who want to join. It is always a good idea to attend one session of a boot camp such as Coogee Fitness and understand what level of training is conducted. The trail session will also help you to understand who your co-participants will be and the mode of training of your instructor.

Coogee Fitness

Fitness assessments

A boot camp in Coogee must conduct fitness assessment and health evaluations of all participants who sign in. This is to understand what level of difficulty and training the participant can undergo. Check whether the Coogee Fitness you want to sign up for conducts initial health assessments.

Injury prevention

When you do rigorous physical activity in a boot camp, you are prone to injuring yourself. Ask the instructors whether they have medical aid nearby and whether a first aid kit is readily available. Ask them how they tend to injuries of participants and whether there access to a medical practitioner in case of emergencies.


It is very important to know which group you will be put into by your fitness trainer. Boot camp activities in Coogee differ as per age groups and fitness levels. For example, activities are different for youngsters wanting to get fit, people training for a sports event or marathon, teenagers or elderly people. If you are put in the wrong group, you will not get the most effective results and may even end up injuring yourself if you do advanced level of physical activities.

Types of challenges offered

Boot camps offer various types of challenges such as rock climbing, running uphill, yoga, long distance running, cycling, intensive swimming, hiking etc. Check what workouts and physical activities are involved. For the body to get a complete workout in a boot camp, it is important to do various types of activities and not the same set of exercises again and again.

Coogee Fitness offers a more challenging and varied workout. It often gives faster and more effective results since it strengthens the body and mind. Make sure you do a proper background check before you sign up for a boot camp, because the training that you get here will have lasting effects on your body and mind.

How to keep up Motivation for Fitness Training Success?

Fitness training requires commitment, concentration and a good bit of hard work. That is if you want to be successful in reaching your goal to become fit, trim and confident. Keeping the commitment angle going is not always easy. There will be days when you have other assignments, days when you feel lethargic and exercise is the last thing you want to do. There will also be days when you feel your progress in losing fat is not going well – so why go through the tough routine?

If any of the above reasons make you feel like giving up, below are a few tips that might help you to stay motivated:

Taking the first step

Just by deciding to go in for fitness training you have taken the first difficult step. Then you will have built up the exercise routine you need to get fit. What you need to keep in mind is an image of a new you emerging after a couple of months or so. Also whenever you get bored do not just throw in the towel. Look for ways and means that will help you to keep going; slowly the boredom will disappear and you will begin to take more interest in the training.

Keeping an eye on your goal

Whenever anyone take up a fitness training routine they always set themselves a goal i.e. a time frame in which they can reach their desired state of fitness. To reach the goal, especially set timings should be set aside for working out. Maybe you can reach different goals at different stages of the training. But you must make a firm plan and keep to it.

Keep pushing

During your workouts you need to concentrate on what you are doing. You also need to push yourself a bit even if tiredness is creeping in. Of course do not work yourself to a point of getting injured. But doing a few exercises a bit longer might give you some additional fat shedding benefits and you will feel the better for it later.

Spice up the routines

Doing the same exercises over and over again can get boring. If this is a problem, spice up the routine by playing some of your favourite music. You will find time passes so much more quickly when your mind is occupied with happy thoughts. Or if you are using a treadmill, you could catch up on reading some of your favourite novels.

Find good company

If you are not a loner, perhaps you could get a friend to join the fitness class with you. Having someone you can talk and share things with, is a lot more fun. In case none of your friends are interested in fitness classes, try and make friends with those who are already doing the workouts. There is nothing like a few happy words and thoughts being shared to brighten up any boring programme.

So finding motivation is not all that difficult. You just have to decide what works for you and go for it.